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Orange is among the most popular fruits in the world, because the health advantage related with it is known to be numerous. Not only oranges are good for health, but also orange peels are excellent for the skin.


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Orange is among the most popular fruits in the world, because the health advantage related with it is known to be numerous. Not only oranges are good for health, but also orange peels are excellent for the skin. Most of the people waste orange peels because lack of knowledge about benefits of peels. On the other hand many cosmetic companies using orange peel extract in their products. Why orange peel is so special? The reason is this it contains a wide variety of nutrients as well as phytonutrients that are extremely powerful in healing several skin problems.

Orange peels powder helps to glow the skin. You can make it in orange season and use through out the year.Benefits of Orange Peels Powder
Use for Skin Fairness
Mix orange peels powder in yogurt and apply on face and gently scrub. Wash face after 15 minutes. It helps to reduce oil from skin and fair the color of skin.
If you have black spots or blemishes on your face, use the above paste on face to clear your skin. Orange peels skin has naturally bleach properties.
Oily Skin
If you have oily skin with open pores and facing acne and spots problem then tackle all these issues with orange peels powder. Mix powder in egg white along a few drops of lemon juice then apply on face for 15 minutes and rinse off with normal water. Apply once a week. After regular use you will observe a change on your skin issues.
For Removing Acne
Make a smooth paste by mixing orange peels powder and milk. Application this face mask on face for 20 minutes. Gently remove it with lukewarm water. You will feel your skin fresh after use.
Teeth Whitening
Orange peels powder is a cheapest way to remove yellowish stains from teeth and make them white. Make a paste and rub it on teeth regularly. It will make the teeth white without using any chemical product.
Anti Aging
Adopt the right anti aging skin care tip to stay young and fresh. Mix together orange peels powder and turmeric in water, use it on face to stop aging marks. It helps to clean the skin from blemishes as well.
Swelling on Body
If insect bites on body or body swell, use orange skin to get relief from pain and swelling.
Fatigue Fighting
After doing lots of work people feel fatigue in body. For getting relief from fatigue add some orange skin strips in bathing water and take bath with that aromatic water. Soothing fragrance of orange will calm you.

1. Get Glowing Skin
Orange peel powder is a wonderful ingredient which, when incorporated in regular face packs or facial masks, can add a natural glow to our skin. Regular application of orange peel powder to skin can provide significant protection from damaging UV radiation and help us get rid of ugly sun tans.
2. Lighten Your Skin Tone
Being loaded with citric acid, orange peel powder works as natural bleach for our skin. So, it can be effectively used for lightening the skin tone. Mix some orange peel powder with some water and squeeze half of a lemon into it. Now, use this concoction for facial steam and see the changes!
3. Unclog Skin Pores
If you have an oily skin, the chances are big that you suffer from clogged pores and develop a lot of blackheads. A mask prepared by orange peel powder and yogurt can bring you amazing results. It will not only unclog your skin pores by pulling dirt and excess oil out, but will also diminish your existing blackheads.
4. Treat Pimples and Acne
As said in the previous point, orange peel powder can keep our skin pores open by eliminating all sorts of impurities from it. It means, it can drive away the factors which can directly or indirectly cause skin infections like acne and pimples. So, just prepare an exfoliating mask by combining orange peel powder with rose water and get rid of sudden breakouts.
5. Remove Scars / Marks
The powder obtained from orange peel is not only effective in treating skin infections, but it is also capable of significantly reducing the scars or marks left by them. Due to its bleaching property, the powder can work on all types of blemishes and lighten the skin of that portion to make the marks invisible.
6. Fight against Ageing
Orange is a great source of anti-oxidants, which help us combat harmful free radicals and keep our skin cells youthful. Therefore, including orange peel powder in our daily skin care regimen can be extremely helpful in keeping all the signs of ageing (wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, dark spots, etc.) at bay.
7. Tone Your Skin Up
Orange peel powder is not only full of anti-oxidants, but it is also loaded with vitamin C. It can regulate the production of sebum in our skin, thereby balancing its natural oil as well as making its firm and healthy. In other words, the orange peel powder can work as a natural astringent and tone the skin up.
8. Reduce Inflammation
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, orange peel can give us relief from all types of inflammation. Therefore, a paste prepared by orange peel powder can be used for getting rid of infection or itching caused by insects and other factors.
9. Rejuvenate Yourself
The delicate scent of orange peel is very refreshing and hence, it can be used for rejuvenating our entire body. All we need to do is to mix some orange peel powder with our bathing water. It will keep us fresh all through the day.
10. Get Lustrous Hair
The anti-oxidant content of orange peel powder is also very beneficial for our hair. If we apply this on our scalp regularly, our hair will become soft and lustrous. It can bring unruly hair under control and add amazing natural shine to it.
So, next time don’t throw the orange peels away. Rather, turn them into powder and get the most out of them.

Disclaimer:This information is only for the purpose of education and is not meant to replace any prescription medicine or professional advice of a medical expert.
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